Yuzuru Hanyu back at school.

One of the only things I understand is ~sugoi!~


Translation by gardenernaga:

He looks a little tired but he returned to be an ordinary school boy as he is when his classmates gave him a celebration.

Two girls: Congratulation, Yuzuru-kun!

A boy: I won’t say congratulation this time (implying he is expecting much more).

A girl: He has not changed but he is really great, I think.
Another boy: He has not changed at all, but he has now a presence.
I wish I could look dignified as he is.

Narration: Final exams at school are coming soon, from Feb 28th, Hanyu asks his classmates what will be in the exams.

Yuzu: (looking into a handout print) Health Education! oh this is quite hard,isn’t it?

A boy: First, memorize the names of each muscle.

Yuzu: As for the musle names, I already memorized most of them, but not so sure.

-X Question: (Which is harder, figureskating or schoolwork?)

Yuzu: Ah, for me, 4cc was less burden than study. I was more relaxed at that time, because I was able to do what I like most.

-X Question: So you don’t like studying?

Yuzu: Whether I like or not, No! hahaha….

Narration: After coming back to school from such a big competition, Yuzuru has already put his next goal in mind.

Yuzu: I earnestly want to go to Sochi. I will always have to remind myself of Soch as my biggest goal. I will work hard and I want to become much more competitive so that I can place myself among those Top3 skaters (Takahashi, Oda, and Kozuka).

Yuzuru Hanyu’s Feelings about The Quake and Sendai


"I feel so glad that I am able to stand on the ice in front of all of you in Kobe, the city of restoration. I will put my heart into my performance for all those affected by the disaster, and for the audience in attendance."

"On March 11, I experienced the biggest earthquake in my life. Since then, I have seen so many areas that still can’t even start to be restored. I pray that the disaster areas will recover as quickly as possible. I will do the best I can, so please extend your kind support."

"When the earthquake hit, I was practicing at the rink. It was such a big earthquake, all I could do was to stand still. I got out of the building with my skating boots on. Words can not express how helpless I felt. The city I lived in crumbled in front of my eyes. Sense of fear overtook me."

"I immediately felt that this will be a crisis for Japan, a crisis for East Japan. I never knew that people could be so helpless, and that natural disaster could be so overwhelming. I stayed four days in the evacuation center. I was supported by so many people. Since then I’ve been thinking about what I could do in return, and I concluded that it was skating. It felt like a privilege that I could skate. I hope that doing my best will give courage to some people. It feels like a miracle, being surrounded by so many people in the audience. I hope that we can create a chain of miracles and make the Tohoku region a warm place just like Kobe."

"What I want to say now is that… I know that I am doing the best I can do. I see that many people don’t know what to do. But we are not alone. If each of us put our strength together…. I am practicing in Higashi Kanagawa now. I really want to skate. I want to put everything I’m feeling into my skating."